Posted on: Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last week we had a bit of a cold front. A major, unwanted departure from the sunny warm weekend that had just passed. It put me in a bit of a funk to say the least. I contemplated chucking all my winter jackets and wearing nothing but sandals and tanks out of spite. But then I'd wake up sick and bla bla bla. So there we were, bundling up in scarves and hats..yet again. The weather man must have felt the bad juju vibes I was sending him and we had a little break in the middle of the week. Lucas and I met new friends for coffee and a park date and it was just what we needed. We still needed a few layers but I can deal with a denim jacket. It's the faux-fur lined coats that have me all in a tizzy. Either way, Spring we can feel you. We want you to stay. We kinda, really love you. Thanks in advance for the warm, sunny days, play dates with friends, and iced coffee breaks. Also, I think I'm looking pretty good with two kiddies. Ivan, I hope you're reading this. I kid. I kid. Sort of. Thanks Mary for amping my baby fever to turbo. Cheers, Spring!

hat (thrifted) | jacket c/o camp wolf | leggings c/o little cocoa bean | sneakers from converse


Posted on: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Semana Santa.  Our Easter weekend was just perfect. Sunday we woke up to a happy toddler and after 2 very large cups of coffee - one for me, one for the mister - we leisurely began our day. There was some dancing in our pj's and a bubble bath for the littlest babe. Ivan steamed our outfits and I packed up all the goodies for Lucas's Easter back. This year theme was Ninja Turtles. I think the Easter bunny would have approved. My mom arrived in the early afternoon and we were off to spend the day in Brooklyn with family. What a blessed day! Sending you all love, blessings, and kisses - from my family to yours. 


Posted on: Monday, April 21, 2014

This is my final post for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple linen baby sling in Caribbean. I want to thank Sakura Bloom for allowing to be a part of this amazing journey with so many incredible mothers and fathers. It has been a privilege and an honor. Wearing Lucas has been such an important, vital part of my life for the past two years and I will treasure the memories forever. Lucas,Saturday afternoon we walked together as a family to a carnival in the neighborhood. I saw it being set up last week. The workers assembling the rides, flashing lights, and polyester teddy bears being hung up in colorful rows. I spent the last few days talking your dads ear off about how I couldn't wait to take you and oh my goodness - the car carrousel! You love cars buddy and just the thought of watching your face light up as you got to choose which specific car you wanted to ride in (you are quite opinionated), well, it made me smile from ear to ear. You see, I live for these adventures with you. The way your eyes grow wide with excitement and your mouth slowly forms an O. The way only a two year old can shout "wowwwww". Pure Joy. When I pick you up from nursery school, I rush to collect your paintings from the day, throw your hat on, and scurry out the door so we can slowly walk home. What should be a 10 minute walk usually turns into 20, sometimes 30 minutes, and more often than not it is the highlight of my day. We stop to look at the window fronts - the best ones are the fish market and the model airplane shop. Sometimes we find a stoop to sit on and chat about your day while you eat a bag of platano chips. My little one, every day is an adventure with you. When I take the time to view the world through your eyes, everything seems that much more magical, beautiful, innocent, and exciting. Thank you for teaching your mami this lesson. I know there are times when I seem rushed. Dinner has to be made, there are emails sitting in my inbox, the rugs are covered in dog hair and I need to vacuum for what seems like the millionth time that week. Thank you for being so forgiving. Thank you for shoving a ninja turtle in my face and telling me to "sit, mama!". Because emails can wait. Donatello and Michaelangelo are where it's at. Playing and listening to you is an adventure in itself. I'm constantly amazed by your growth and your  love of learning. Two years old and you already seem to have a grasp on what's important in life. Cheers to a lifetime of adventures together. Te amo, Mami


Posted on: Sunday, April 20, 2014

"A portrait of son, once a week, every week, in 2014."
You still have a love affair going on with your paci (aka the bobo) and you just can't seem to quit her. Mama is working on it but I have a confession to make...I not so secretly love how it still makes you seem like my little baby.


Posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Photos taken by Yan Palmer 
These photos were taken long before I started my blog and while clearing out my computer last week I realized I had never shared them here. As I sorted through the folder my heart began to ache, in only the way seeing your baby so small, bald, and squishy can do. Lucas was 10 months old in these photos, still nursing, two teeth down, and just barely attempting to make his first steps. We had just moved in to our tiny apartment and had barely decorated. We were planning a first birthday, sorting through boxes, juggling work and family life, and adjusting to our new, very small space. I can't believe almost 2 years have passed. I wish I could back in time and re-live some of these moments. I wish I could tell myself not to be so hard on myself at times. To stop wishing for a bigger apartment, a fancier kitchen, or hardwood floors. Because when I really stop to think and reflect, none of that matters. All I see when I look at our faces in these photos is love. A young couple who beat the odds and brought a miracle into this world. In the last few months I have been experiencing the same kind of time-consuming mind set - I need. I want. Looking at these images were a much needed gentle reminder that all I need is us. I am still looking forward to moving, decorating, and all the fun projects that I really do love. But it will be done with what we can afford, Ivan's input will be heard (I hope you are reading this honey ;), and most importantly our new home will continue to be filled with joy and love. 


Posted on: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Bath time is Lucas's jam nowadays. He brings ALL his toys in with him and can play long past his tiny fingers crinkle up and the water turns cold. Sometimes I even drain all the water (hint, hint kid..) but nope. Bath time forever! I love my water boy. 


Posted on: Sunday, April 13, 2014

I've been letting my hair grow since I was pregnant with Lucas with only the occasional trim (thanks, mom!). I am wildly attached to my hair and it's always kinda, sorta been my thing. Even on days where I feel frumpy and less than stellar my hair has always been there to save the day. I'm a hair coward I suppose. Well there has been a shift in the hair universe and the past few months I have been on a short-do pinning frenzy. Fantasizing about a chic bob and the sorts. But after growing it so long (the kind of long that clogs the drain and gets stuck in weird places..) you start to feel guilty about chopping it all off. It's a labor of love to maintain my hair. Lately it had become more of a pain than anything else. I didn't have the time or energy to blow it out and more often than not it was tied up. I'm now an expert at the top knot. Email me for tips ;) In all seriousness, there's no sense in having long hair if you're not going to let it hang in all it's glory, am I right?Last week I finally grew a pair and made the appointment and Friday was the big day. After a few glasses of wine, I left the salon feeling brand new. But let's be real - cutting off 14 inches of hair is a BIG DEAL. I woke up Saturday and cried for twenty minutes. Yep, I sure did. I think I remember this sort of thing happening when we cut off Lucas's hair for the first time. I'm a sap for hair! But two days later and mama is feeling good. I have my ponytail in a plastic ziplock ready to be mailed to Beautiful Lengths (thanks to a mama on Instagram who made the recommendation!). You can learn more about the program and requirements here. So basically, wins for all! #shorthairdontcare 
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