Posted on: Thursday, July 24, 2014

Floral rompers that are on heavy, heavy rotation this summer (thrifted at the Good Will).

Sleeping toddlers wrapped up in their old swaddling blanket.

Flowers from the market on my lunch break. #gimmeallthedangflowers

This print from Hugo Loves Tiki that is finally framed and is loving it's new home. 


Posted on: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

About once a month we like to mosey uptown to our closest Target. Not because we need anything in particular (good grief walking into that store is a TRAP!) but simply because we enjoy the walk. This trip in particular had purpose - a new Ninja Turtle for the boy. Because you can never have enough turtles. We stopped for a cherry icee and Lucas was nice enough to share with mama (although none was spared for daddy). When we finally made it to Target Lucas couldn't decide which turtle he wanted. These are hard decisions people! After about half hour of serious deliberation he settled on a turtle lunch box and puzzle. Wins. 

And it must be noted that little boys who wear pink are bosses. I am loving his new tank from Kid + Kind. You must take a moment to check out this absolutely darling shop.

Also, this. A campaign that is supporting and encouraging kids to wear any color they choose - regardless of their gender. Started by Martine Zoer founder of Quirkie Kids, she is using her shop (chock full of PINK!) and campaign to spread tolerance of individual expression amongst kids and their peers - adults included. #freetowearpink

lucas: tank c/o kid + kind | pants c/o nununu | sneakers from converse
nicole: choker from top knot goods 


Posted on: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"A portrait of son once a week, every week, in 2014." 
From this angle I can still see the last bits of your baby cheeks. I can't believe in 4 months you will be THREE. I still expect you to want mama cuddles, kisses, and lovings - big boy or not ;) I love you my León. 


Posted on: Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm about two weeks late on this one but better late than never..right? Right! Our Fourth of July weekend was pure bliss. Ivan and I both had Friday off and it was a rare 3 day family weekend. We spent a lot of time organizing and cleaning the new place but we were also able to sneak in a ton of much needed family time. The weather wasn't great on the Fourth but a little rain never hurt anyone! We walked over to our favorite neighborhood Italian spot and ate lots of pasta while Lucas serenaded us (and everyone within ear shot) with his ABC's. That evening we attempted to watch the fireworks on the East River. Apparently everyone on the Upper East Side had the same idea ;) We saw a few mini firework shows and Lucas kept yelling "fireman! fireman!". When we finally came to our senses and realized nope - we were not going to be able to see the fireworks happening down by Brooklyn (well, duh) we headed home. Saturday the weather was perfection (85 degrees and sunny - not a cloud in sight!) and we headed to the beach. Give me all the sand castles and baby beach naps! I've been daydreaming about another weekend just like this one. My boys and the beach are good for my mama soul.  


Posted on: Thursday, July 17, 2014

The thing about moving is..It requires a crap load of patience. It seems as though I'm lacking in that department..One mess gets cleaned up and another one appears. The cycle continues and it quite literally seems never ending.You need to make an appointment to set up your new cable and internet. The technicians come, set it all up, and they probably will do a shoddy job and one day later, boom, no internet. Thus resulting in radio silence on your blog.It's amazing the panic that will ensue when deciding to hang a picture on this wall or this wall. Apparently I'm extremely indecisive. But in my defense drilling holes is serious business people.  So please, send help. Lots of it. And wine.  


"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014."
Oh that little smirk! Here you are in the middle of our moving mess/fiasco enjoying an afternoon snack. I'm prettyyy sure after this photo was taken and you were done eating you decided to dump your entire bucket of legos in the middle of the living floor. Legos and moving boxes don't mix, just a little FYI ;) 


Posted on: Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Casual afternoons call for bicycle shorts ;) Lucas has been wearing this black pair (from the Children's Place) for over a year and they are so comfy and worn in at this point that it's kind of like reaching for one of my old favorite tee's from college. They're that good! His Bobo Choses top is from Line + Liv. It's one of my go-to shops and they are currently having a crazy summer sale. Hip hip for summer savings! 
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